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"I was initially hesitant because I wasn't sure how good could protein powder get. I bit the bullet and tried out the Matcha Flavour and I've been having it everyday since and wanting to order more. The flavour is premium and it doesn't upset my stomach. Thanks Far East Alchemy for a good product 🙏 I would highly recommend to splurge the extra couple of bucks for delicious flavours"

Henry T.

First time trying this brand and very happy

"Tried the matcha, taro and brown sugar boba protein and instantly fell inlove! I couldn’t resist buying the baobell bundle after my first fix with this protein. This definitely satisfies boba cravings without making me feel guilty! This isn’t even an exaggeration as well, I’m so happy I found far east alchemy! 😋"

Kirstine P.


"Definitely a big fan of Far East Alchemy protein powder! I was huge fan of milktea but have to cut it down due to the calories. And the FEA protein powder in Thai milk tea and brown sugar milk tea flavours definitely a much healthier alternative and also save my cravings for milktea! I recommended to my parents and they are actually amazed by how good it tastes! The best thing is that they’re definitely not too sweet so Asian parents will love them too!"

Shally L.

The only protein powder I would recommend

"Was recommended by my mates bf. The thought of a “Taro milk tea” protein had me shook. I sweat thinking about it. So, like the desperate milk tea whore I am, I visited the FEA website and took a gander. All. The. Colours. Of. The. Asian. Flavour. Rainbow. 🌈. I thought to myself, “ YASSS KWEEN” but still remained somewhat skeptical despite all the hype reviews from my mate’s bf and all my fellow milk tea whores here. I have been burnt before and I was out for boba-blood. Then I stumbled upon the sampler packs. GENIUS. I wanted to smash and dash all the flavours and not feel like I was tied down to a 1kg relationship of culinary regret. ANYWAY, I’ll make this quick. Simply amazing. Taro V2 is simply tops m8. Exceeded my expectations. I personally love matcha milk tea and they NAILED the flavour as well. “That’s a double-whammy”, I thought. “Can they hit a home run with the third and go for a bonus fourth round, too?” I quipped. In short, HECK YEAH. brown sugar and Thai milk tea are insanely tasty even if they aren’t my absolute favourites. TIP: I mix in 200ml of chilled oat milk and 100ml of water then add some ice, shake that thang like a Polaroid picture and you’re in paradise my friend. Love it, FEA. No longer will I be wondering around a carousel of protein relationships. I think I’ve finally found the one. 😍"

Billy C.

Blown Away (Not Hyperbole/Innuendo)

"This has a really clear taste of tea, which I love. It has some sweetness but not too much. I'm impressed by the amount of protein in it and the friendly ingredients list. I mixed it with soy milk (Woolies brand - that's my favourite) and a dash of water and it came out tasting like real milk tea."

Jonathon L.

Great taste

"This is by far the best protein powder I’ve ever had! You can have it hot or cold which is amazing! I love the matcha flavour so will be buying more for sure 😍"

Pojchanicha M.

Love love love