Far East Alchemy
Far East Alchemy

GAME CHANGING supplements in asian-inspired flavours

Far East Alchemy is more than just a brand aiming to create GAINS that taste GREAT with a brand that DOESN'T SETTLE.

Our true mission is to unite our community through the fusion of Asian culture and flavours into premium sports supplements, delivered through the only brand you can truly be PROUD to call your own!

We're here to empower and inspire the most BOMB transformations with products that are truly unique and different, such as milk tea protein!

best tasting protein
Mind-Blowing Taste

The craftiest, best tasting protein powder EVER.  It's alchemy on another level, backed by our 100% Flavour Satisfaction Guarantee!

high quality whey protein isolate
Quality without Compromise

Fitness athlete or enthusiast? We've got your back! Transparent Labels. Premium ingredients. Zero fluff. Zero fillers. 

boba and other innovative flavored protein powder
Innovative Flavours

Like nothing else you've had before. Milk Tea? That's just the beginning!

Free Delivery over $100AUD
Free Delivery over $100AUD

We have Australia-wide delivery that's fast and free orders over $100AUD. We also ship to New Zealand!