About Us


Protein Flavours you can actually get EXCITED about

Far East Alchemy was built on the belief that leading a healthy lifestyle doesn't mean you have to compromise on the things you love.

We're constantly refining and pursuing perfection in our products and flavours, working tirelessly to create supplements you can actually get EXCITED about. 

Because the journey to self improvement is challenging enough. We're your partners in your fitness journey, here to empower and inspire your transformations with products that are truly unique and importantly, tasty.

Our Story and Vision

As boba addicts and fitness enthusiasts alike, our founders Alric Wu and Ophie Ho started out in 2019 creating a brand that aimed to bring something fresh into the sports supplement industry. A boba store for fitness enthusiasts where everything was actually healthy, yet tastes just as good, if not better? Sounds unreal! As daily consumers of supplements, we were constantly disappointed by the lack of any adventurous flavour offerings available. Too often, there was some sort of compromise - fillers, added sugars, low quality ingredients, boring flavours - the list goes on. However, what originally started out as a mission to bring boba flavoured protein powder evolved into something that represents FAR MORE than just quality, taste and innovation.

Our Flavours

As Asians growing up in western culture, we have always felt a little out of place; neither fitting in with our traditional Asian heritage or truly fitting in within our home in western society. However, one thing all of us can agree upon is that food is the universal language that brings us all together. In fact, we often communicate our love by providing food to others.

That's why we wanted to create a supplement brand for the community. A brand that truly represents the community, unites and brings us together. A brand that combines the epitome of nostalgic Asian inspired culture and unique flavours into premium sports supplements. 

Meet the Founders

Alric Wu | Founder
Bubble tea afficionado and Head of Operations at Far East Alchemy, Alric is also the Chief Alchemist in charge of researching and developing new products. With a passion for fitness and food alike, he's constantly focussed on improving and creating the best possible products for the community.
Ophie Ho | Co-Founder
Queen of visuals, Ophie is Far East Alchemy's favourite Marketing Intern (just joking, she is actually the Head of Marketing and Relations). Alongside her craft here, she is also a health coach, loves the gym and is a closet weeb. She's passionate about building the FEA Brand and often uses one too many dad jokes.

Our Products

Our commitment to you is to create supplements that TRULY do not compromise on quality. We CARE about what you put in your bodies and as such only use the most premium ingredients available to us that are extensively researched, 100% Non-GMO, hormone free and banned substance free, and we'll ALWAYS tell it like it is. For example, our whey products are made from the highest grade Australian grass-fed whey and uses the finest teas! That's how you know you're in for a treat.

Our whey products are manufactured in HACCP and ISO certified facilities in Australia. That's some of the strictest manufacturing regulations and food satey standards in the world! 

You can count on us to bring you only the BEST this industry has to offer. Every formulation is meticululous developed and extensively tested over many months to ensure they satisfy your tastebuds. We promise next level taste, where every sip can be enjoyed.