The Restock is Here!


Thank you for your patience!! The restock is FINALLY here! Top up on your favourite protein flavours and get your hands on some of our new arrivals! And YES - our newest shaker colours are also here! They're limited, so snatch them up quickly before they sell out..


far east alchemy restock process

As you may have already seen before, this is usually the process for when we do a restock. However, for this particular round, prior to restocking packaging, we had some changes we needed to make!

So here's the scoop: Thanks to your feedback, we learned that a few of our protein pouches were causing a bit of trouble during their journey to your doorstep, as well as some zip seals being faulty. We're all about making sure your protein arrives in tip-top shape, so we needed to roll up our sleeves and make some changes.

We've been working closely with our packaging manufacturer to find a solution, and have settled on a stronger pouch material and gusset design and a slight increase in overall size in the 500g range. The new gusset design should alleviate pressure and in turn, bursting. The slight increase in size will ensure less powder gets in between the zip seal and that it can be functional.  

When you get your hands on our latest batch, you'll notice that the pouches might look and feel a bit different, but know that the same tasty product inside remains the same and you won't have to worry about anymore pouch mishaps!




pink and green shaker with a white blue and red shaker far east alchemy

We had anticipated our shakers selling out and placed an order for exciting new colors in early April. However, we encountered an unexpected setback.

Unfortunately, the factory responsible for manufacturing our shakers experienced a fire incident, leading to a temporary shutdown for rebuilding. We are informed that no one was hurt during this incident, and they are now back to "business as usual."

Whilst these unforeseen circumstances have delayed our restocking plans, rest assured that the quality of our products has not been compromised and you can look forward to receiving these exciting new colours soon.

You can shop them here.



far east alchemy mango protein powder packages

The long awaited Mango is FINALLY ALSO HERE!! Crafted with the highest quality Australian Kensington Pride Mango Puree Powder, our Mango Whey Protein powder is light, creamy, refreshing and deliciously subtle; reminiscent of the Australian 'Wei's' mango ice cream bar. 

  • Authentically flavoured with Australian Kensington Pride Mangos
  • Premium Australian Grass Fed Whey
  • Lactose Intolerant Friendly with added lactase enzymes
  • Quality Nutrition: 23g Protein, 1g Fat, 6g Carbs


Thanks again for all your patience whilst we worked through these delays. Make sure to top up on your stash before we sell out again!




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