Chief Alchemist Notes #6 - Durian Milk Tea!

slices of fresh durian

Hey FEA Fam!

We're so excited to finally be able to officially announce our newest flavour:


Before you block your nose and dismiss this flavour, HEAR US OUT! 😤
Our Durian Milk Tea Protein uses Monthong Durian:

Monthong Durian has a more approachable taste, compared to other Durian variants (YES there are different types of durian!). It is fragrant and sweet with subtle floral notes alongside its signature durian flavour 🌼 AKA perfect for those who are new to the durian lifestyle ✨


far east alchemy durian milk tea


Our Durian Milk Tea Protein uses 100% freeze-dried Monthong Durian first class direct from Thailand 👌 Because it's freeze-dried (AKA the purest form of durian you can get in a packaged form), AND we've put more than 2 shots of it in our protein; this some BOUJEE expensive A-Grade sh*t to stay true to its original flavour 💁‍♀️



If you’re wondering what this one tastes like, it’s a pleasant and mildly sweet durian flavour that is both creamy and milky, creating a truly appetising flavour!🥛 (note from ophie: i don't even like durian and I could drink this any day of the week legit 🤭)


If you've ever had Prime's Hai Tea Durian Cake Milk Tea, we reckon it tastes pretty similar, if not stronger (as theirs is quite mild) 😋


primes hai tea durian cake milk tea


Durian Milk Tea is ✨limited edition, so it will only be available until stock runs out! It can be purchasable in 500g and 1kg varieties (no samples as it is limited). 

Preorders will open in October 📆 date will be announced via our newsletter, so make sure you are subscribed to receive all the latest updates as soon as they come out! 🗞️


🌟 Featured Comments 💬

My tastebuds are SO ready

Happy birthday to our favourite Chief Alchemist! Can’t wait to have this flavour in the summer ☀️
potato girl

SO keen for Thai Milk Tea :D


HECKKK YEAHHHH!! Thank you as always for all the love and suport fam🧡 your comments always make our day!!

💫 This is what dreams are made of, 💫

- Chief Alchemist Alric
(and marketing intern ophie)


3 thoughts on “Chief Alchemist Notes #6 - Durian Milk Tea!


not generally a durian fan but willing to give this a taste to make my ancestors proud!!

September 16, 2022 at 16:59pm
Durian Girl

you don’t understand how much you’ve just made my entire year

one day when you get famous for being that durian protein powder company, do you think you might do different types of durian protein? musang king, d24, black thorn….

oof I’m going to go set some reminders to make sure I cop some yummy goodness

September 16, 2022 at 14:57pm

This is like waiting for all your favourite show’s episodes to drop week by week so you can finally binge all of them when they’re released.

September 16, 2022 at 12:02pm

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