Relaunch Update #3 - PREORDERS OPEN!

far east alchemy protein

The wait is finally over; preorders for your favourite boba protein are now OPEN! It has been quite the grind to get to this stage and we're still not even there yet! 

Our updated flavour range now includes: Brown Sugar Milk Tea, Taro Milk Tea, Matcha Latte, Thai Milk Tea and Durian Milk Tea (still not an april fool's joke no matter what you say! 😤)

If you're subscribed to our newsletter, you would have gotten a 10% discount code sent to your emails this morning. If you're not on the list and simply didn't get the code, make sure to subscribe now! 💌 Code is valid only until preorders close (25 October 2022), so be sure to grab what you want before it's gone! 💨

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🗞️ Relaunch Updates ✨


🍵 Ingredients

Orders for all the ingredients have already been placed, we're just waiting on key components to arrive from Taiwan (ETA is late October).

🏗️ Manufacturing

We have a tentative manufacturing date (depending on the shipping schedule of goods from Taiwan) but the product should be ready to ship after 25 October, fingers crossed! 🤞
As such, preorders will stay open until 25 October, unless sold out prior. Make sure to take advantage of that preorder discount before then! 

🥤 Merch: Shakers + Baobell Lifting Club Pins

Shakers and Pins are now available for preorder also!! Woooooo!!


🧥 Hoodies

Ultra Comfy Hoodies are still expected to arrive later this month and will be added to the store when this happens. Stay tuned! 

🛍️ Bundles

New bundles have been created to help you save! Shakers have been included in these bundles as a preorder promotion only, so be sure to check them out!


💱 Currency

You will now be able to shop in your local currency with our updated currency converter on the website. Find this top right of the website.


baobell lifting club pin far east alchemy cute enamel

We're very excited to be back, and the feedback so far has been amazing. Thank you for leaving cute notes in your orders too, they have been wholesome to read 🥹 Reminds us why we work so hard and do what we do 🤗

As always, thank you for all your support. It means the world to us that our vision is shared and that what we've created has helped you on your journey 💖

Until next time,

Alric & Ophie


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