Feb Updates: New Incoming Products + Restock ETAs 🚚

Hey Fam!

Long time no update! Hope you’ve all had a great start to the year so far. We have been busy working on lots of things behind the scenes since the White Bunny launch. In this update, you can expect to read about restock ETAs, formula updates and ✨incoming new products!✨📣📣📣


📆 Restock ETA: Early to Mid-March

Thanks to your incredible support, we’ve been sold out of quite a few flavours and sizes for a while. We’ve been busy getting everything in order for the next round of manufacturing that should be completed early to mid-March. Thanks so much for your patience!


🧪 Formula Updates

As you’ll already know, our formulation updates and relaunch late last year was completely shaped by community feedback. We are constantly listening to our customer’s comments to further improve our formulations so that YOU can continue to enjoy the BEST of flavours. It’s important to us to not only create flavours we’re proud of, but flavours YOU know and love as accurately as possible.

Taro Milk Tea

Whilst the feedback for Taro Milk Tea has only been very positive, we really wanted to further improve on the Taro flavour as we saw potential for it to taste even more authentic. Early feedback showed that there could be more potential to bring out the taro flavour so that it delivers even more on both taste and experience. We’ve made a very minor tweak to this formula to bring out more of that taro flavour to the forefront more prominently, without changing what was already there.

As we have completely sold out of both sizes of Taro Milk Tea Protein, the upcoming restock will feature our latest formulation for you to enjoy 🙂 For anyone wondering how the change will taste, the tweaks are only very slight and should not affect the overall flavour profile of the existing formula.


Thai Milk Tea

We are excited to announce that our Thai milk tea protein formulation will be updated to provide an even more authentic and satisfying Thai milk tea experience. We have listened to your feedback and have made improvements to the tea flavour, resulting in a stronger and more flavorful beverage. Traditionally, Thai Tea uses a strong black tea like Ceylon or Assam, and we found that the black tea powder we were originally using didn’t deliver on the strength of the tea as well as we intended it to. The new formula will be updated to include a significant increase in tea, as well as adjusting the tea used to Assam Tea Powder to provide you with a more authentic experience.

The remaining Thai Milk Tea Protein will be discounted until sold through. After this, the updated formulation will replace our current Thai Milk Tea Protein. The new Thai Milk Tea flavour will be marked as ‘Version 2’ on the website once it is available to purchase.


🥵 Incoming Products 🔥



✨ Instant Boba
This was an unexpected addition to our arsenal as we truly didn’t realise how excited you’d all be to be able to have instant boba sachets with your FEA Protein.

When we put out a poll on our Instagram stories, Alric and I were watching the 85% of you tell us how the experience of boba is truly enhanced with juicy tapioca pearls in your mouth (15% of you said it wouldn’t fit your macros, but to each their own!).


✨ FEA Tumblers
In addition to the instant pearls, we also didn’t realise how excited you’d all be to suck balls from a boba TUMBLER. Through trialling several different tumbler samples, we are learning firsthand that drinking protein from a tumbler with the addition of pearls is an elite experience; this is living.

Whilst we trialled several options on the market, we ultimately landed on this final design as it was light, functional and the sturdiest of them all.

The double walled AS plastic is BPA free and can easily fit into any car holder (as many other glass designs would not allow). The tumbler also features a leak proof lid that can also double as a travel mug without the straw.

We have decided to make both black and clear options available as it was difficult to pick just one! Thanks to all of you who voted on our poll! Speaking of voting...


🗳️ Vote on the FEA Tumbler Design! 🎨

Help us decide what design to use on the final tumbler design! Vote for your favourite here!

Votes received by 7 March 2023 11:59PM AEDT will have their names printed on the packaging of the tumbler to celebrate the community that made this happen!



None of these new products would have been added if you hadn’t pushed so hard for it, so thank you for believing in us and allowing us to bring you the best boba experience.

Love from founders Alric & Ophie
Sending you big boba love, always


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