Hoodies & Shipping Updates!


Hey FAM!! 💜

It's been a MASSIVE week! Our Whey Protein Elixirs finally came out of production and got shipped to us late Thursday. We've been packing your preorders nonstop and had to pause the shop to catch up.

These are now all ready to go and have been scheduled to be picked up on Monday!! This should mean you can expect to receive your orders VERY SOON!! 🚚💨 (international may take a little bit longer, hang in there!! thanks for your patience!) 


 As you've already seen on the banner, hoodies are NOW LIVE!!! We were doing some testing and had these live for a little bit yesterday and some of you sneaky little dumplings already put your orders through... 👹

Make sure to check out the hoodie bundles too, as these would make great gifts with Christmas coming up!!

We say this over and over again, but thank you so much for your continued support throughout our relaunch 🥰 we are truly so grateful and still in awe that FEA exists. We wouldn't be here without you 💜

Let us know when you get your orders by tagging us on socials! We'd love to see your reactions as we've missed shipping orders!!

Sending you big boba love, always

- Founders Alric and Ophie


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