Stock Update!

Hey fam!

Just a super quick update from us today. Preorders are now closed!

👏THANK YOU👏 to everyone who supported us by preordering during the last few weeks. FEA couldn't be what it is today without you ❤️ We've closed off preorders to focus on production this week so that we can start shipping your gains to you as quickly as possible! 💪

We've been pushing our manufacturers super hard to bump us to the front of the queue, though there are always factors outside of our control which can impact the schedule. We will continue to keep you updated both here in our blog and in our emails

So what's still to happen?

  • Production of Protein (expected to be completed some time this week)
  • Shipping to our warehouse (within a day of finished production)
  • Picking and packing your orders (~1-2 days to get through all of the preorders)
  • Shipping to you! We're so keen to see you on the other side of all of this!

On a separate note, hoodies have finally arrived! They will be available once the store reopens. Again, make sure you're checking back to the blog and are subscribed to our emails to get the latest news!

Big boba love,
Alric & Ophie


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