bao lao gan ma new flavour chilli protein

Baobell was bing chilling with Zhong Xina (John Cena) last weekend and now he's OBSESSED with chilli oil. He's putting it on everythning.

Baobell believes that every dumpling and bao (you) should be dipped in chilli oil - so we were forced to make a Bao Gan Ma flavoured protein powder.

Made to be mixed with water, sesame paste, soy sauce or to be sprinkled directly on your broccoli, Bao Gan Ma is perfect for every day use - any time of the day! It works with every meal, every drink.

Bao Gan Ma is Fei Chang Hao de Chilli sauce protein. So now we use Bao Gan Ma every day on our broccoli. We use hen duo Bao Gan Ma.

非常好, 我很喜欢

Sorry, baobell whooped my ass and threatened me using his big buns to post this. Please don't hurt me.


1 thought on “NEW FLAVOUR DROP

Lanyi Ji

Wanna try, where can buy this flavour??

August 29, 2023 at 18:55pm

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