March/April Restock Updates!



Are you ready for some exciting news? Out of stock protein flavours are making a comeback next week! Get ready to stock up on your favourite lactose intolerant friendly bbt protein!


This is how we hope our restock process goes, but let's be real; it's never as easy as it seems.

We're often faced with many challenges, including but not limited to ingredients going out of stock, packaging mishaps, capacity constraints, customs delays, and the list goes on and on.

We really appreciate your patience whilst we work hard to restock your favourite flavours! We know that it's well worth the wait, especially when we're constantly improving formulas based on your feedback!


far east alchemy thai milk tea with cinnamon sprinkled on top

Thai Milk Tea Discounted

Our Thai milk tea protein formulation will be updated to provide an even more authentic and satisfying Thai milk tea experience in response to customer feedback. You can read the formulation notes here

The remaining Thai Milk Tea Protein will be discounted until sold through (does not apply to samples). After this, the updated formulation will replace our current Thai Milk Tea Protein. The new Thai Milk Tea flavour will be marked as ‘Version 2’ on the website once it is available to purchase.


Far East Alchemy boba tumbler design packaging

Tumbler Design Updates

If you've been following our Instagram stories, you'll know that with thanks to all your votes, Design #1 was the final winner!! 👏👏
We have been working on the carton packaging and these are now both in production!! 👩‍🍳
We're expecting to release these end of April, alongside our instant boba sachets! 🧋

See them in action here:

ginger cat lying down with no purpose wanting boba

We're looking forward to updating you all when the restock arrives!! Make sure you're following us on socials to keep updated too.


Sending you big boba love, 
Founders Alric & Ophie


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